© Jason Tanner

© Jason Tanner


I am a Colombian-Australian freelance journalist, photographer and videographer.

Over the past few years I have split my time between Colombia and Cambodia, documenting conflict and human rights issues through stories that show how decisions and policies made in distant offices affect the lives of people on the ground.

I am a regular contributor to IRIN News, and my work has appeared in publications such as CNN International, Le Monde and Foreign Policy.

I have also produced communication materials for humanitarian organizations including Save the Children, CARE, UNICEF, Handicap International and BBC Media Action.

Having grown up between the countryside and the busy capital city of Bogotá, from an early age, I have been witness to Colombia’s extreme social contrasts and to the impact in civil society of its ongoing conflict. This has undoubtedly been a strong influence on my work, swaying me to document the challenges of illegal ex-militants to adjust back to civil life after decades of fighting in Colombia, and the struggles of civilians across the country who continue to be victims of this conflict.


I am available for assignments worldwide.
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